by Jan Riley
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Fake stained glass Window Scapes
Fake stained glass Stained glass windows
Stained glass windows
stained glass window hangings
Here is a close-up of a blue bird in a fabulous bathroom window treatment
Can you find the fluttering hummingbird? how many windows in your house could use a garden scene? Stained glass window hangings
Stained glass windows This plexigalss window is over 4'X 5' and provides privacy screening as well as water deflection. The background area is patterned on a batik fabric that the client has. It makes a great windowscape!
stained glass window patterns
Faux stained glass windows
diy faux stained glass
WindowScapes make an old window even better than brand new! We have two of them for sale just looking for a new home. They are 30"x30" and can be hung inside or under a covered area.
A hummingbird is poised to taste a sweet trumpet vine. This window makes a great accent to any room or decorating style. Stained glass window hangings
Faux stained glass windows Stained glass window patterns

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