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WallScapes by Jan Riley

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Do you need help choosing paint combinations for your home?

A great way to start is by looking through books and magazines. Better Homes and Gardens is a great magazine to look at. It has lots of pictures and decorating ideas for home improvement. Remember that using the exact colors that you see in the magazines in your home will probably not give you what you need. These magazines are for inspiration and ideas so you can get to the next level.

A color fan deck is another resource you can use. It can sometimes be overwhelming to look at all those color wheels but at least you will get an idea what colors strike you and what you would like to try. Buy 2oz samples so you can try them out at home. It might seem like a hassle – but trust me – it is not nearly as big a problem as painting the wrong color on your walls!

Now is the time to APPLY A SAMPLE. You will nee to put some paint on different parts of the room: where the light hits it, where it is dark, where shadows are so you can see the paint during the day and evening. Colors are affected by the surrounding areas like flooring, carpet and other wall colors. Colors hardly ever look exactly as you imagined them once they get into your space. THIS is NORMAL! Remember, the first sample on the wall is just a start.

The real cost of choosing the wrong color.
If you think buying samples is expensive – add up repainting the whole room! Just bite the bullet and get as many samples as you need to in order to get the color that is right! It’s even more expensive to live with the wrong color and feel disappointed every time you walk in the room.

If you have “problem spaces” in your house, you can deal with almost all of these with some creativity and paint. You can really “fool the eye” and change the feel and look of any room to make it “feel” better and look the way that you want.

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