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WallScapes by Jan Riley

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Finding good house painters

Here are some things to consider before hiring house painters:

Ask your co-workers, your friends and family.
Do they have someone that they really trust and like?
Word of mouth is one of the best ways to start. Get and check references.

Ask them:
Were you happy with the quality they provided?
Since the word quality can mean different things to different people, if you have the option, go and look and judge for yourself. That is the best way to do it.
Look extra closely to places around the trim by windows and doors. Are the paint lines straight? Did they caulk where it was needed? Did they fill holes in the walls or cracks? Preparation is really important and a requirement for a good paint job to last. Invest in a high quality paint, and check the cans to make sure you get what you are paying for. You can see the difference!

Did the painters cover the floors and furniture that could not be taken out of the room?
This is really important! You do not want paint all over your floor and furniture or hanging chandeliers.

Were they nice, courteous and pleasant?

This is important.
When getting your walls painted, your whole experience from start to end needs to be as stress free and pleasant as possible. Also, if the workers enjoy what they are doing, the attention to detail is going to be higher. Attitude is important! It will affect the whole job and your sanity!

Did they start when they said they would and finish when they said?
Having a project start and end when it is stated is important. Always have in mind that unexpected changes can occur and plan for it. If you have a hard a fast end date – allow a few days for the unexpected, you will be glad in the long run. Maybe the color was not right once it’s on the walls, you want to add painting another room or delays due to other workers – these are all things that will effect a painting job completion. Interior painting or exterior.

Did you get a final invoice with paint colors and numbers?
This is important if you need to buy more paint to touch up or add another room with the same color. Make the painters name each gallon with paint that is left the name of the room where it was used, than it will be easier for you to find it if needed. Keep a written record of paint colors, type and sheen, so you can easily repaint or touch up if a can is lost or damaged. House painters sometimes change the paint in cans – which is another reason to keep a written record.

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Murals - Children's Rooms - Faux Finishes - Specialty Finishes - WindowScapes - Color Coaching
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WallScapes by Jan Riley

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