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Do you have trouble choosing colors?

Do you want to create an effect in your home but don't know how?

Would you like help deciding which projects to tackle yourself?

Would you like to have more confidence in your color choices?

My name is Jan Riley and I am a professional interior house painter and color coach with more than 25 years of experience in creating home environments. The Color it Rightę Program is designed to help homeowners clarify their ideas, develop a design plan and coordinate renovation projects. Color Coaching is basically a consultation on choosing colors and implementing ideas for your home projects.

Color Coaching is an economical and practical way for folks to define what they want and discover how to achieve it. I developed this program based on over 20 years of experience in home renovation, painting and faux finishes. I blend my training as an artist with my experience as a contractor to assist you in creating a look that works for you - in your home.

Color Coaching is to designed to assist homeowners in:

  • Choosing colors that you love and work in your home
  • Developing a design plan that is easy to follow and flexible
  • Coordinating do-it-yourself projects with professional renovations
  • Creating a color palate that allows you to decorate - floor to ceiling
  • Learning how to use what you have to create the look you want-now!
  • Working within your timeframe and budget

The cost for Color Coaching is $100 per session. (Please allow 1 1/2 hours per session) My focus is on coaching you to create your vision of what you want your home to be. Color Coaching is guaranteed to save you time, money and many headaches! Please call today to find out more about color coaching or to set up an appointment. 404 294-5549 (EST)

Color Coaching

Color Coaching is guaranteed to save you time, money and many headaches!

ask me how...

Susan from Tucker says... After my color coaching session with Jan I felt more confident and comfortable with my decorating decisions. It was very encouraging to find I was indeed on the right track for creating the look I wanted. I gained valuable tools for determining how to make color choices. Thanks!


Tracy from Decatur says... I feel like a huge burden was lifted! I finally feel comfortable looking at colors. Jan really makes the process understandable. Now I know why the colors I chose didn't work in my home.


Bonnie Kessler from Brookhaven says... We wanted some help coordinating our new paint colors with our artwork and furniture. I have very strong opinions about what I like but I had never lived in a house with such tall ceilings, varied light and so many angles. Jan helped us pick a yellow that made the room glow top to bottom and showed off the art and furniture too!

Have you ever picked a "peach" and found out it looked like "Pink" in your room?

Did you think your only option is to go one step down on the color chart?

Light and surrounding colors play a huge part in how we see color. Here's a tip-

if the color is too bright try a version of the color that is "greyed"

if the color is too washed out try another version that is more intense.

better yet give me a call and I will come do my best to answer your questions!


 city murals

Have you ever chosen a soft color at the paint store only to put it on the wall and find out it disappears? or looks dirty?Try choosing a bold color and painting it on a posterboard. Be sure to hang it on different walls and look at it day and night. You may find the bolder color gives you the quality you want because you can "see" the color. Good Luck!

Jan Riley

404 294 5549


This Mural is in a very small Kitchen only 9'x12'. Rather than making it look small the bright colors of this cityscape brighten and expand the space. Where could a mural spice up your home?

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