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Jan Riley

Hello, I am Jan Riley and welcome to my website! Thank you for taking
the time to browse my work- I hope you find some great ideas that inspire
you in your own home.

I live and work in the Atlanta, GA. area, however I love to travel -
so don't hesitate to call me with your project or ideas!

I have studied drawing and painting all my life- with private art lessons
from 5th grade thru high school. I also attended the GA. Govenors Honors
program in fine arts in high school and attended the Universty of Ga.
school of Art. I have been self employed for over 20 years and have
painted just about eveything that will hold paint.

I really enjoy helping people create the feel they want for thier space.
I feel that my strongest asset as a painter is my ability to "hear" what
my clients want. (even if it is hard for them to explain or visualize what
they want) I share my ideas and
create sample boards for the project.
This way we can both see what the finish will look like in the space and
get a feel for what colors and techniques will work best.

My goal is to help you create the look you want for your home.

I genuinely enjoy developing a collaborative relationship with my clients,
creating an environment that uplifts, enhances and expresses their unique
personal style.

I strongly believe that there are LIMITLESS creative possibilities - both
in custom designs
and in our lives.


Can't visualize what you want?

I can help! You do not have to struggle alone - give me a call or an email and I will be happy to discuss ideas and options for your decorating project. I have been an  artist for more than 25 years and I  live in  Atlanta, Ga. USA

Please remember- I do love to travel so don't hesitate to write or call me  Jan Riley at


 marble painting
Here is a closeup of a faux marble dresser top.
When the movers came to move it they wouldn't
believe me that it was painted wood!

They even tried to charge me extra for having
an extra heavy piece!

 bathroom paint ideas

If you have any paint related questions feel free to
write me and I will be happy share my experience with you free of charge.

Murals & Faux Finishes create an environment that expresses your unique personal style . Each finish is hand-painted and
is completely original.  Paint is so durable that it is perfect for
children's rooms, bathrooms, restaurants and other high
traffic areas.  




Decorative painting is also very cost effective - especially when compared to the cost of real stone, exotic hardwoods and
even  wallpaper. It is also extremely versatile and can be easily modified or completely changed -no stripping wallpaper or
expensive renovation-just prime & paint again!
Consider that a new sofa often costs more than a custom hand-painted finish -
a mural or faux finish creates a complete environment! What would you like to create in your home?

Murals provide endless possibilities for transforming any space from ordinary to AMAZING! Give yourself the gift of
self expression ...... shouldn't your home or business reflect just how unique you really are?

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